WorkShop of Feelings! 

Depression and anxiety can make us feel isolated, especially when there is a language barrier to finding qualified professionals. That's why our support and self-help meetings are held simultaneously in 3 languages. We are a family owned and operated business. At Grupo Fraterno Seara do Bem, we seek to meet the immediate psychological and emotional needs of members of our community.


We understand that in times of crisis, it cannot be expected. Our feelings workshop is a free and permanent weekly activity that includes discussion and interaction. Participants are encouraged to share their concerns, successes and coping strategies. Many who come are victims of some type of abuse and / or are experiencing high levels of emotional distress. More than 75% of medical appointments are related to stress, which is why the workshop is so precious.


Many are full of fear and uncertainty, so interaction with others makes them feel that they are not alone. Our holistic professionals are available to help those who need psychological and emotional support. Although this support group is not intended to replace traditional therapy, it usually consists of 30 to 50 participants at any one time and can be a complement to professional therapy.


Our goal is to enable learning and sharing of experiences, and we offer a way to make connections with these people.

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