Spiritual Treatment and Surgery

Spiritual Treatment Information: Spiritual treatment is a COMPLEMENTARY alternative to medical and therapeutic treatments, and can assist in the recovery of emotional, physical and spiritual balance. Never discontinue medical treatments, medications, or any other treatment you are receiving. Our proposal is to help you incorporate spiritually healthier habits into your routine, keeping you away from harmful energies and closer to wholesome energies and spiritual friends who love you and vibrate on the other side of life for your well-being and / or your recovery. We do not aim to replace the treatment that is already being carried out, we want to show that the cause of the imbalance is not due to chance or lack of luck, but in the urgent need to modify the interior, thoughts, emotions and the vibratory pattern that you is found. True healing, real liberation is within the spirit itself, available to all. The spiritual treatment of the Good Harvest Fraternal Group is NOT CHARGED, does not restrict religious beliefs and has no obligations. However, we have specific procedures that will be explained here:


-The result depends mainly on the willpower, seriousness and commitment of the one who is participating in the treatment, that is, the help of spiritual friends is of no use if you do not follow our recommendations on punctuality, continuity, prayer, the gospel in the home, the uplifting reading, and participation in other activities.


  • On treatment days the participant will receive a SPIRITUAL visit from the team responsible for the treatment that will provide assistance to the dear brother (ã) who requested spiritual help. If you are doing the treatment for someone else, you need permission from the individual being served at a distance, and that during the same time, the attendant retreats to a peaceful environment to receive the necessary help. Due to the volume of calls each one can choose to make the call to the OR or to someone at a distance. We cannot accommodate more than 1 card per person.


  • The main objective of the treatment is the inner transformation, so during the 6-week period the treatment has to be punctual and without interruptions. We also reinforced the need to participate in studies, groups, and lectures by the Casa. If there is more than 1 treatment failure within 6 weeks, the participant must have a 4-week break before restarting treatment.

  • Bring a bottle of water and leave it on our table during the study before the treatment, so that the water acquires fluids conducive to inner harmony. Take a little of this water every day. The gospel should also be implemented in the home assiduously and especially during treatment weeks.


  • Prayer - on the day of treatment, raise your thoughts to God and to the entire spiritual team of Seara do Bem, asking in faith for the benefits you need. Seek a balanced diet during treatment. Avoid using alcohol and smoking on treatment days and, if possible, do not drink during the 6 weeks of treatment.



  • Chip distribution takes place on Saturdays between 10:00 and 10:20 am (or Sundays on time at 6:00 pm) - unfortunately we cannot accommodate delays, it will not be allowed to pick up chips for other people or exchange chips. Everyone must sign a form called ‘Release of Liability’ before the first treatment. Watch on Seara's YouTube the lecture entitled 'Diseases and Spiritual Treatment'. It is necessary for the attendee to participate in the 10:30 am support group and remain in our House until 1:30 pm. It is not necessary to receive the pass or fluidized water prior to treatment. Everyone who is undergoing treatment can have their meals in the canteen, so let it be brief and any conversation is of an edifying nature.


Our spiritual doctors start work as soon as the forms are distributed, often after treatment, the attendant may have gone through a spiritual surgical process, so we ask that you stay in the study after treatment until 1:30 pm.