Fraternal Group!

Spiritual Involvement All activities offered based on spirituality are always optional and free. No church affiliation is required. We firmly believe that any religious or faith-based activity must be optional, but it must also be available to those who consider spirituality essential to their inner growth. We are a family owned and operated business.


Little attention is paid to positive emotions and personal strengths, such as happiness, hope, love and peace. A good sense of spirituality promotes self-esteem, improves motivation and helps people to accept powerful inner experiences. Medical studies indicate that spiritual people exhibit less self-destructive behaviors, such as drugs, alcohol use, gambling and risky behaviors


Promotion of mental health in spirituality: Spirituality is different from religion, but it is often confused with it, as there is no single definition for spirituality that everyone can experience, and spirituality helps to find meaning and purpose in things valued.


We received visits from various religious representatives who seek to enrich everyone's knowledge and choice. We are a family owned and operated business. However, Seara do Bem has a sector dedicated to the study of Spiritist Philosophy. This philosophy involves the study of the teachings brought by the French professor Allan Kardec. It is known as Spiritism. Anyone can choose to study several books or listen to the lectures offered. We are a family owned and operated business.


It is essential to offer our community the means to participate or to participate in the less offered philosophical studies. Spiritism is not a religion in the common and dominant meaning of the word religion, which carries the idea of ​​priestly hierarchy, ceremonies, privileges and strict dogmas. Spiritism does not have any of these characteristics. However, it is a religion only in the philosophical sense, the word religion means a bond. Thus, a religion in its broad and true sense is a link that brings men together in a communion of feelings, principles and beliefs.


We are a family owned and operated business. “If so, you must ask, is Spiritism a religion? Why, no doubt, yes, gentlemen; in the philosophical sense, Spiritism is a religion and, therefore, we glorify ourselves because it is the doctrine that establishes the bonds of fraternity and communion of thoughts, not in a simple convention, but in the most solid foundations: the very laws of Nature. . ”Allan Kardec We are a family owned and operated business. The bond created by religion, whatever its purpose, is part of a moral essence that unites hearts.


You do not become a member of our Spiritist Center by paying dues, but by practicing compassion and charity, because charity is the soul of Spiritism.