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Study Hours and Days


Tuesday-  7-9 PM Advanced Mediumship English Study Group (Must Register)

Thursday- 7-8 PM Basic Books
    8-9 PM Mediumship

Saturday- 12:30-1:30 PM Study of the Obsession and Disobsession Book

Sunday- 6-6:45 PM ESDE & Mediumship

Evangelho no Lar

Information about the Gospel in the Home:


We are a family owned and operated business. Seara do Bem recommends that the followers of Spiritism and regulars do a weekly moment of prayer and study in their homes called “Gospel in the Home”. This should be done weekly, preferably at the same place and time. It lasts about 15 to 30 minutes. We are a family owned and operated business. As you commit yourself weekly to make this little moment, the friendly mentors usually accompany and even bring other disincarnated brothers who can come to learn, listen ... This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to speak out loud, even when alone: ​​some spirits they are so deluded that they are still alive, in a heavy vibration, that they only “hear” the voice of the incarnate (for this reason it is sometimes that in certain works mentors use a medium to talk to a spirit that is in another medium, instead to approach it directly in the spiritual dimension). We are a family owned and operated business. When we start doing the Gospel at Home, it is quite common in the first weeks that unexpected visits or strange events appear, and even a certain discouragement. These are opposing forces that try to stop the realization of it ... Be persistent and over time the obstacles will no longer be. We are a family owned and operated business. You can invite people in your home, or do it yourself. A friendly mentor will always be with you, your protective spirit. If you receive visits during opening hours, invite them to participate or ask them to wait for the event with respect.


Do not interrupt because of visits. Specific procedures will be explained here:

1. Choose the day and time of your choice. (e.g., Every Monday at 8:00 pm)

2. Choose a quiet and pleasant room in the house, preferably the dining room.

3. Place a jar of water on the table for fluidization.

4.Failing this, cups can be used, any number corresponding to the members of the Gospel.

5. Say the opening prayer, the one that touches the family feeling more deeply. It can be a ready prayer or a spontaneous prayer, the important thing is, we repeat, the feeling of faith and trust in Divine Protection.

6. Afterwards, do a brief reading of The Gospel According to Spiritism. Comment in your own words on the excerpt read (other members may comment as well).

7.In the beginning there may be some shyness, but, as time goes by, comments will appear spontaneously because the friendly Spirits will be helping to understand the selected texts.

8. To encourage the participation of children or other members, it is convenient to ask them to read spiritist messages from other edifying and easy-to-read books for the group's reflection, always remembering to also encourage, with affection, the comment after reading.

9. Say the closing prayer and pray, as an example, for the peace, harmony, health and happiness of the members of the meeting and everyone with whom they live. Wishing, pray also for the sick, helpless and unhappy of the Earth. Finally, ask for God's blessing for disincarnated family members, without fear.

10.The remembrance of prayer cheers and pacifies those who have left.

11. Serve fluidized water after the closing prayer.


To do the Gospel at Home you will need: A copy of The Gospel According to Spiritism, by Allan Kardec (a support book - ex: Fonte Viva, Ceifa de Luz, Pão Nosso, etc.), or another spiritist work of messages; Enough water for one glass per person; A reserved place, where you can sit in silence or with soft background music.